The effect of steroids on humans.

The whole problem is testosterone, because testosterone is one of the most important hormones for the male and female body. Representatives of the stronger sex are completely addicted to this substance. With a deficiency of this hormone, the work of the whole organism is disrupted. For a long time, scientists did not know how to increase the amount of hormones in the blood, and only in the 30s of the last century the first synthetic analogue of testosterone appeared. Later, many steroid drugs were developed, which are still actively used in medicine and in sports. Each of these drugs performs a specific function, so it is important to make sure that you choose the right one before the course. Anabolic steroids have many positive properties that are valued in the treatment of many diseases:

  • Normalize hormonal indicators providing an improvement in the functioning of the whole organism;
  • increase appetite;
  • Reduce the amount of water in the tissues, relieve swelling;
  • boost metabolism;
  • Accelerate the supply of cells with oxygen;
  • Increase protein synthesis rate;
  • Positive effect on the endocrine system;
  • Increase the formation of red blood cells;
  • Strengthening of bones, elasticity of ligaments and tendons.

Note that despite the ban in many countries around the world, steroids have become essential in the treatment of many serious diseases. If you immerse yourself in the study of these substances, you can find more positive qualities. So, anabolics are used in the complex therapy of the following diseases:

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  • Serious consequences in HIV/AIDS diseases;
  • oncological neoplasms;
  • After prolonged chemotherapy, to restore the functioning of all organs and systems;
  • In the period following the objective intervention;
  • Bone injuries of various types;
  • Diseases of the skeletal system (osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis);
  • Anemia;
  • Delay in the growth and development of the child’s body;
  • Decreased sexual activity, impotence;
  • Appetite problems in anorexia.

It is important to know that the use of steroids can significantly shorten the rehabilitation period and help in cases where conventional drugs are powerless. In the 21st century, most anabolics are widely used in professional sports, which is not surprising, because athletes need a lot of strength to achieve high results.

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The use of steroids in sport.

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The athlete begins his career at a young age and tries to prolong it as long as possible, while achieving victory in the Olympic Games. In most cases, up to the age of 25, athletes do not have problems with strength and endurance and can independently cope with loads of all kinds. After this period, the amount of hormones in the body decreases, as does physical activity. For many, muscle growth completely stops, catabolism predominates, despite proper nutrition and heavy training. Preparations for muscle growth of the steroid type at this time will become necessary aids. Of course, all doping is prohibited in professional sport. There are schemes by which you can use anabolics and pass doping control freely. Most drugs have certain properties, a sports doctor or trainer will help you choose a remedy based on your experience and goals. Anabolic steroids for athletes can not only provide great sports achievements, but also help solve various problems:

  • Stimulation of the production of hormones in sufficient quantities;
  • Rapid growth of high quality muscle mass;
  • Elasticity and muscle relief;
  • Saturation of the body with strength and energy;
  • Endurance and performance in training;
  • Fast recovery between charges;
  • Elimination of excess body fat;
  • Increased sexual desire, erection;
  • Prevention of catabolism;
  • Normalization of the psychological state, increase in self-esteem.

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Classification of Steroids

It is very difficult for novice athletes to understand a wide range of pharmacology, especially when it comes to hormonal substances. The information space is full of myths about how dangerous steroids are for humans, about the fact that serious complications can be drawn from them. Of course, these are myths, as anabolics have been around for over half a century and there have been no official deaths from hormone use. Before choosing, keep in mind that the use of steroids in sports can be justified only after three years of intensive training. It is important to consider your age, gender and type of drug. There are 2 main types of hormones on the market:

  • Androgens are preparations based on testosterone or its derivatives. They have a quick effect, allowing you to gain enough muscle volume in a few months. Among the disadvantages is aromatization, which leads to high blood pressure and gynecomastia. Means such as Sustanon, Testosterone, Methane, it is better to turn to professionals for amateurs, progestins are more suitable.
  • Progestins – act gradually and over a long period, ensuring a continuous supply of hormones in the blood. They have many positive properties for athletes. Nandrolone, boldenone and stanozolol are particularly popular. Suitable regardless of gender and age, it rarely causes side effects.

Preparations of both groups can be combined with each other, achieving significant changes in the body.

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Depending on the form of release, they are divided:

  • ethers;
  • tablet form;
  • injections

All three forms can be bought on the market, it all depends on the wealth and the desired goal. Beginners and girls take pills more often, professional chemists prefer injections. Also keep in mind that not all anabolics come in tablet form, many of them are only produced in ether form.

On appointment:

  • to dry;
  • for weight gain;
  • universal.

Mass gaining steroids differ from anabolic steroids by reducing the action and the dosage regimen as well as the physical exercises with which they are used. Universal remedies do not have a pronounced effect on certain muscle groups, they are suitable for both men and women, regardless of the goal. Beginners starting a sports career are advised to contact specialists for advice.

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The whole problem is testosterone, because testosterone is one of the most important hormones for the male and female body. Representatives of the stronger sex are completely addicted to this substance. With a deficiency of this hormone, the work of the whole organism is disrupted. For a long time, scientists…